Everyone wants to have clear, smooth fresh skin but sometimes due to weather conditions and some health or skin conditions, people suffer from different types of skin disorders and ailments. Such one skin disorder is rosacea which is the redness of the skin.


Various theories regarding Rosacea have evolved over the years but information regarding the disorder’s origin still remains unknown.  The facial blood vessels dilate and therefore the increased blood flow near the skin surface makes the skin look flushed and red. Numerous environmental and lifestyle factors cause this redness of the skin. Sometimes acne-like bumps appear on the redder part of the face these could be as a result of microscopic skin mites, irritation of follicles, sun damage of connective tissue, blood flow, skin bacteria, psychological factors or abnormal immune or inflammatory response.  Not one definite theory has been proven but certain potential pathways have been identified that seem to cause inflammation.  Rosacea happens to be a chronic skin disorder rather than a short-term condition which is usually characterized by remissions and relapses.  Common symptoms include itching, stinging and facial burning. Sometimes people with rosacea also experience edema the swelling of face which is quite noticeable in initial stages. No certain time limit can be defined how long the rosacea will continue but the signs and symptoms seem to increase severely if treatment is not sought. Those who did not get treatment had their condition advance from early to middle within a year.

Rosacea Treatment:

There are some lifestyle modifications, medical therapies for rosacea treatment to keep from the triggers and control its signs and symptoms. Those who happen to have visible blood vessels and red face getting a laser treatment for rosacea or other light-based treatments can be effective. Sometimes the clearing could last for years but clear skin is achieved. A series of treatment sessions are required to see evident results. Getting a laser treatment for rosacea tends to be helpful in the long run.

Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Treatment:

Another solution to successfully improve visible blood vessels and redness can be possible with intense pulsed light IPL or vascular laser treatment for rosacea. These kinds of rosacea treatment also improve flushing.  IPL and laser machines used for rosacea treatment emit narrow beams of light that are pointed towards the visible blood vessels of the skin. These beams generate heat thus damaging the dilated veins and causing them to shrink so they no longer can be seen from the skin. With IPL and laser treatment for rosacea, minimal scarring or damage is caused to the surrounding area. Although most of the laser treatment causes pain, most of the people do not require being under anesthesia. Laser treatments have temporary and mild side effects that last for few days only:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling and redness of skin
  • Blisters
  • Crusting of the skin
  • Blisters and infections can arise in very rare cases.

It is wise to get the advice of your dermatologist first before choosing any treatment for the skin. Health Medica provides quality laser treatment and IPL treatment for rosacea.