Melasma: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Melasma is a skin problem that can be caused due to different reasons. A person with melasma has a dark and disclosed patches on their skin. It is also known as chlosma or the mask of pregnancy. The second name is provided to this condition when females who are pregnant faces this. Moreover, the issue of melasma is quite common is females as compared to the males. However, there are still a lot of men who face this issues but the larger percentage is based on women.

melasma treatment

Signs and symptoms of Melasma

There can be a lot of symptoms with the help of which the presence of melasma can be detected. The most common and the visible symptoms include the occurrence of discolored patches on the skin. The color of these patches is quite darker than the natural skin tone. Moreover, the issue or the patches are caused in a symmetrical way i.e. same shape on both sides of the face. Other areas of your body can also have this issue especially the ones that are exposed to the sun frequently. The patches usually appear on:
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Bridge of nose
  • Neck
  • Forearms
Although the spots on the skin do not cause any severe issue but the person may feel uncomfortable due to the way they will look.

Causes of melasma

The causes of melasma are still not actually discovered. However, it is assumed that people with darker skin tone may have a higher risk of getting melasma as compared to the ones with fair skin tone. The condition is also associated with the issues of estrogen and progesterone sensitivity. Due to this reason, the birth control pills, pregnancy, and other hormone therapies can also trigger this issue in a lot of individuals. Other causes include stress, thyroid diseases and sun exposure for a longer period of time.

Prevention of melasma

A lot of people may have this question in mind that is this condition treatable or not? Well, answer to this question is yes. The condition of melasma can be treated effectively through different methods. For some women, the signs of melasma disappear after some time. This is commonly seen if they are caused by pregnancy or the usage of birth control pills. For others, it can also be removed by using different creams that are prescribed by the doctor.
Other preventive methods include Photo Facial RF. It is a treatment that is done for the whole upper part including face, neck, hands and other body areas. It is done by using intense pulsed light and radio frequency energy that are combined together for effective results. Due to the great benefits this treatment offers, it is highly recommended by a lot of people. However, the degree of improvement is somewhat gradual so you need to wait for the perfect results.